About IBH-Export

Founded in 1996, IBH-Export is one of the biggest pot plant, cut flower and bouquet exporters from The Netherlands with a turnover of 140+ million. We currently export to over 40 countries all across Europe and the Middle East, and operate in 5 different nations. Our headquarter office is located at the Royal Flora Holland flower auction in Aalsmeer, alongside to our locations in Westland (NL), IBH Germany, IBH Finland, IBH Sweden and IBH Kenya.

We can be seen as a retailer’s silent partner in the industrial processing and logistics behind plant and flower export, and for IBH-Export ‘retail’ is considered in the broadest sense of the word. IBH’s clientele expands from all sorts of retail stores, to DIY, garden centres and wholesalers.

Our largest industrial processing units are currently located in Aalsmeer. Here, our employees are collectively working on a 14.000m2 space, together with the capacity for 18 docking stations, a large cold-storage room, 4 automated bouquet machines and a special hand-made bouquet area. Plants and cut flowers are either bought at the auction clock or directly from growers, whom we have a close relationship with.

With the current market transition that moves into a more transparent business environment, we managed to set up our own buying and quality control system in Kenya for the import of roses. By doing so, we try to tackle this market transition by refining control over production processes. All of these facilities, combined with our professional import/export teams located across the world, will make sure that we can provide you with the best quality, volume and logistical expertise wherever and whenever you need.

Because in the end, We Care. Not only for our clients, but also for our social responsibility as a corporation. Through several programs like the IBH Shared Benefits Program (ISBP), our employees can show active participation in the organization. In this way, every employee becomes an essential part of our company and family. We also care about the environment and human health. IBH-Export is part of the Fairtrade community, successfully owns the Fairtrade certificate (Flo nr. 33408) and the MPS certificate (804246) for sustainable quality. We try to work with growers who are part of the Global Gap, an initiative to open up the transparency to consumers regarding origin of agricultural products.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. IBH-Export is always looking for new challenges. Let’s meet!